The UK Government has announced its target to make the UK seas greener by launching zero emission vessels. In order to achieve this target, that has been set for 2025, the government has pledged to invest £77 million.

The funding has been made available by the UK Government and will be managed by Innovate UK. Projects will be chosen through the Zero Emission Vessels and Infrastructure (ZEVI) competition.

These projects must meet certain criteria and will be chosen if they contain well-developed and scalable solutions. Those that are granted this funding will work with ports across the UK to help launch vessels that have zero emissions.

Funding will be made available to companies that work to improve technological solutions, for example, wind assisted ferries, electric vessels, and shoreside electrical power.

This new funding is part of the UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE) programme. Launched in March of last year (2022), the programme released £206 million to help fund the lowering of emissions within the shipping sector, to help it reach net zero.

Mark Harper, the UK’s Transport Secretary has announced that the funding is an important step forward for making transportation greener, as it is one of the world’s largest emitting sectors. Harper stated that:

“When it comes to tackling climate change, we are taking action on all transport modes, which is why we’re making sure our world-leading maritime sector has a greener future.

This multi-million-pound investment will help the latest tech ideas become reality and ensure UK waters will play host to green cargo ships, ferries and cruises in the next few years. Our funding will support a cleaner freight system, a more environmentally friendly tourism industry, and a net-zero maritime sector.”