There was a certain sense of irony as more than 50% of our guests couldn’t make the event due to the extreme temperatures, but it was also the perfect demonstration of why we needed to be there.

As Laura Tobin, broadcaster and meteorologist, took to the stage in the afternoon, she was able to confirm that the UK had just broken through the previous record of 38.7ᴼC and inform us that we were experiencing a blistering 40.2ᴼC. 

As our guests mingled, fires blazed across the capital and the nation.

It was incredible for the Going Green team to meet everyone who braved the horrendous conditions to attend, and the climate crisis couldn’t have been more apparent as we all struggled to keep cool and hydrated. Every second was a very real demonstration of why we had all come together.

So now, the real work begins. The only way we can reduce these extreme and deadly weather events is by reducing our carbon emissions. Net zero has to happen and we have no time to waste. We are now quickly building our community of teachers, educators and thought leaders in order to spread information to as many people as possible and in the fastest time. 

The positive take away from the day and something that really struck me, despite real time illustration of the climate crisis, was the feeling of hope. 

Everyone in attendance was still hopeful that we can limit the damage caused by the crisis and determined to do their part to help.

Most of us know by now that without very real solutions to the climate emergency, we have nothing else. Profit, work, health, life, love, all mean nothing if we don’t have a habitable planet.

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work we have to do, but if we work together, with everyone playing their part, we can ensure our children have a future. And that has to give us hope.