The 1st of October is World Vegetarian Day, the day was established in order to educate people on vegetarianism and to encourage people to stop eating meat. The day also wants to send the message that eating less meat has specific health benefits, for example, it can reduce cholesterol.

established in order to
educate people on vegetarianism

Many vegetarians find that eating meat is cruel and that animals should be respected and not be used for our consumption. The day symbolises this and encourages others to give up meat to protect animal welfare.

In regards to climate change and global warming reducing or giving up meat completely will cause a major reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases that are released. Currently 35% of all greenhouse gases released annually are emitted during the production of food.

The rearing of animals for consumption emits a large amount of this percentage, as livestock produces 14.5% of the gases themselves. If we cut out meat from our diets this would cause this percentage to lower significantly.