FairCharge, the UK’s campaign for Electric Vehicles (EVs), hopes to encourage the UK to harness the benefits that electric vehicles have environmentally, socially, and economically. FairCharge have stated that if you do not have a home charging point, you could be paying four times more to charge up an electric vehicle. FairCharge, rightly believe that this is unfair and have declared that this is a mistake in UK policy, as we should be looking towards making the transition to EVs easier for everyone.

To sign FairCharge’s petition, to make Electric Vehicles fairer and more affordable, see their website: https://www.change.org/p/make-electric-vehicles-fairer-and-more-affordable-before-its-too-late.

World EV Day falls on the 9th of September

This year’s (2022) World EV Day falls on the 9th of September and is an amazing example outlining why we need to turn to EVs. This global event brings people together to drive change in the transport sector, to encourage sustainability and increase the use of electric vehicles.

World EV Day has become incredibly important worldwide, receiving mentions in both the White House and UK parliament. There is hope that this event will help to move the UK to where FairCharge believe we should be.

There are two options in which you can pledge too, the first being to pledge that your next car will be electric. The second is for businesses, to pledge that their business fleet will become electric. The aim of these pledges is to make people think more about creating a sustainable future, by committing to using a vehicle that doesn’t pollute the air and has low emissions.

If you would like to sign up to these pledges, or you would like your business to, see: https://www.worldevday.org/go-ev.

Several meet ups will be taking place around the world to encourage those interested in going electric or those that are already electric to get together to create an EV Meet UP. Using the hashtag, #EVMeetUps, you can find others in your area.

To create your own meet up, make sure you download the World EV Day social kit and let WorldEVDay.org now your plans at: https://www.worldevday.org/ev-meetups.