1. Online
Online shops such as Wayfair, or charity shop websites are a great way to find second hand furniture. Many online stores also offer a delivery service for most of their items. Buy and sell websites, including Ebay, also sell furniture, however, not all sellers will offer you delivery on your item.

2. In store
Second hand shops and many charity shops sell used furniture, as well as appliances. If buying from a charity shop the price you pay for the goods will be much cheaper than buying new, and you will be helping a good cause.

3. Check for items made from sustainable materials
If you do want to buy new, check to see whether the product you are interested in has been made from sustainable materials. Such as if the wood has come from sustainably managed forests and has a FSC certification, or if the materials are upcycled from other used items. If you buy a product made from recycled materials, you have prevented it from ending up on landfill.

4. Look for something durable
The last thing you want is to buy a product to have it break on you, when buying second hand look for something sturdy and durable so that it will last. This will increase the sustainability of the furniture item, as not only are you giving it a new lease of life you are also buying something you will use for a long time.

5. See if you can refurbish what you already have
Sometimes not shopping at all is better, check the item you are replacing and see whether it can be refurbished first. With a lick of paint or being fixed by a specialist you can stop your product from ending up on landfill. If you really don’t like an item of furniture you own anymore, and it is still in good condition, donate it to a charity shop or sell it to a second hand shop. Just because you don’t like doesn’t mean that everyone will dislike it too.