Since April 2022, those, in the UK, who manufacture or import plastic packaging, and those that are business customers of plastic packaging or of goods with plastic packaging will be affected by the Plastic Packaging Tax.

The charge rate for each tonne of plastic is £200, and the tax only applies to packaging that contains less than 30% recycled material.

…each tonne of plastic is £200…

There are exemptions to the tax if a company imports or manufactures less than 10 tonnes of plastic packaging within a 30-day period.

The policy has been put into place to deter companies from using plastic packaging that doesn’t contain recycled plastic. The aim is to divert waste from landfills or incineration as the new tax should encourage the recycling and collection of plastic waste.

In theory this tax should only affect the business/company manufacturing or importing the plastic, however customers may find an increased price for certain items if a company decides to pass on the charge.

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