The fashion industry produces 10% of our global emissions, and if we all began to make sustainable fashion choices, we could lower this percentage significantly. However, many people don’t fully understand what sustainable fashion is.

The term sustainable means to maintain something at a certain level and to conserve the ecological balance to prevent the depletion of natural resources. Therefore, sustainable fashion means to produce clothing that not only lasts but also, when produced, has little environmental impact as possible.

There are several ways a company can produce sustainable clothing, including using organic materials, cutting their emissions, reducing the amount of waste they produce, and stopping overproduction.

There are many brands turning to sustainability due to the demand from the increasingly eco-conscious consumers who wish to lower their own carbon footprints. Do be aware however, of greenwashing, as some companies overexaggerate on how sustainable they really are.

Sustainable fashion is not only the clothes you buy new from sustainable brands, but also the clothes you buy second hand. Buying second hand gives a piece of clothing a new lease of life and prevents it from becoming waste. Producing a new item of clothing creates tonnes of CO2e and uses many litres of water. Therefore, buying second hand reduces the demand for a new product and removes the emittance of these gases.