There are a number of different symbols found on packaging and goods we use every day. These symbols are there to tell us whether an item can be recycled or not. If you are planning to start or are already going green you should always look out for these symbols, to make sure you are disposing of your waste correctly, safely and sustainably. When you recycle recyclable materials, it doesn’t just cut down your carbon footprint it also helps to lower the amount of waste going into landfills.

The Mobius Loop
This symbol shows that the packaging can be recycled. Although it may not be made from a material that has already been recycled or that will be accepted for recycling. This symbol usually has a percentage that states how much    recycled material has been used to produce it.

The Green Dot
The Gren Dot doesn’t prove whether the material is recyclable, instead it is there to show that the European company responsible for producing the packaging has made a financial contribution to a recycling or recovery project elsewhere in Europe.

Widely recycled
This is seen on many recyclable materials such as on plastic bottles. Over 75% of all UK local authorities will collect this material for recycling.

Rinse – Widely recycled
In order to stop recyclable materials from being contaminated by food waste and to stop the spread of rats in recycling centres, make sure you rinse out all packaging that has contained food products.

Not Yet Recycled
This type of packaging is collected for recycling by under 20% of the UK’s local authorities.

Glass recycling
This symbol shows that the packaging is made from glass and can be recycled.


Recyclable aluminium
This shows that the packaging is made from aluminium and can be recycled.

Recyclable steel
If this symbol is on the packaging it means that it is made from steel that can be recycled.

Any packaging with this symbol can be industrially composted.

Home composting
This shows that the packaging is suitable for being composted at home.

Waste electricals
Many electrical items should not go into the general waste, however there are several ways that they can be recycled.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
This symbol shows that the packaging has been made from wood that has come from well-managed forests.

Plastic resin codes
This symbol indicates what plastic has been used to produce the packaging.

This is found on packaging to remind you not to litter.