A sustainable culture occurs when sustainable beliefs, practices and conservations are maintained. This can occur within a home, within a community or in a place of work.

Sustainability in the workplace, however, is being pushed to the side as many organisations will have a designated department that works towards its sustainability. For a sustainable culture to pass through the entire workforce, everyone has to work towards it, no matter which department they work within.

To make a workplace sustainable, both employees and employers must change their attitudes to how they carry out their daily roles. Being sustainable must become part of the organisation’s framework, part of how it is run.

Organisations have found this culture difficult to embed, though many have found that this is due to the lack of knowledge surrounding sustainability. This issue can be easily resolved by educating a workforce in all things sustainable, including climate change, biodiversity loss, natural disasters, and global warming.

This education can come from training courses, one to one learning, guidance, support, and team building. Many people want to know how climate change and not being sustainable will affect them and this education can help to close these gaps. This will help them to understand the part they must play to protect the planet, and they will find that they have a new sense of responsibility for the environment around them.

A culture of sustainability can only happen and grow if we are all onboard to change. Our Going Green Academy is an amazing and ideal way to embed this culture within your workplace.

We offer engaging and interactive training courses that allow everyone in an organisation to get to grips with sustainability and climate change. For those who want more in depth information, our experts offer one to one learning to help increase understanding further on a range of topics.

All of the tools we offer will help to embed the much needed culture of sustainability into any workplace. For more information go to our Going Green Academy.