Seven countries within Europe have recorded their hottest temperatures for January this year (2023). Due to this rise in temperature, meteorologists and climatologists are calling these hot temperatures an ‘extreme event’.

The seven countries that are currently experiencing these high temperatures include:

  • Belarus (16.4ᴼC)
  • The Czech Republic (19.6ᴼC)
  • Denmark (12.6ᴼC)
  • Latvia (11.1ᴼC)
  • Lithuania (14.6ᴼC)
  • The Netherlands (16.9ᴼC)
  • Poland (19ᴼC)

In Vysokaje, in western Belarus the temperatures have reached 4.5ᴼC higher than the January average, as temperatures have reached a new record of 16.4ᴼC.

In Korbielów, a village in southern Poland, temperatures have reached 19ᴼC which it doesn’t usually see until May. On average the temperature for January for this area of Poland is usually 1ᴼC, meaning that this month has seen an 18ᴼC rise.

The Czech Republic saw a similar rise in temperature as the town, Javorník, saw a rise of 16.6ᴼC in its average January temperature, as it reached 19.6ᴼC.

Meteorologists have warned that due to climate change and global warming these temperatures are more than likely to become the new norm as they will become a regular occurrence.