Co-founder and Head of Communications

Company description
Enapter’s vision is to create a world where green hydrogen fuels the world through renewable energy sources and fossil fuels are no longer used. By 2050 the company aims to be responsible for 10% of the global green hydrogen generation, whilst also creating affordable and accessible energy.

Sustainable achievements

  • Before Enapter was established, the World Bank Intern Program named Vaitea ‘Women Leader’
  • Whilst living in Thailand, Vaitea helped to turn Phi Suea House into a communication and collaboration platform for hydrogen in Southeast Asia
  • Vaitea created the company Enapter, alongside Sebastian-Justus Schmidt and Jan-Justus, to improve and increase the use of green hydrogen technology
  • Vaitea was asked to do a TED Talk about the importance of green hydrogen, and in September 2022, she carried out her talk on ‘How green hydrogen could end the fossil fuel era’
  • In 2020, Vaitea was placed on the Forbes Under 30 in Energy list
  • Through her work she has won numerous awards for Enapter
  • She is an inspiration to women and works towards the hiring of more women