Switching to natural, eco-friendly deodorants 
Concerns about plastic pollution, along with a growing interest in natural skincare, means natural and eco-friendly deodorants are increasingly in the spotlight. With around 50 million people in the UK currently buying their deodorant as part of their weekly shopping, that’s a lot of single use plastic that can be taken out of the system, with one easy swap.

The mainstream alternatives to plastic roll-ons are aerosol deodorants, which are contained in an aluminium can. Whilst this material can be more easily recycled, the aerosol sprays contain compressed gases that have a harmful impact on our CO2 emissions.

With all of this in mind, it may be time to upgrade your bathroom credentials and take a look at 5 of the best sustainable deodorants in the UK:

1. Wild – www.wearewild.com

Wild were the first refillable deodorant in the UK. Their cases are made from aluminium and recycled plastic, which can be sent back to them for recycling. Their refills are made from bamboo pulp and are compostable.

2. Fussy – www.getfussy.com

A very clever natural deodorant that inhibits odour causing bacteria. The case is made from 100% recyclable plastic and refills are made from waste sugar cane, making it compostable. Fussy is a carbon neutral, B-corp.

3. Earth Conscious – www.earthconscious.co.uk

This great company supports marine conservation, donating 10p from each sale toward the protection of our seas and wildlife. The deodorant case is made of cardboard and is 100% recyclable.

4. Salt of the Earth – www.crystalspring.co.uk

They sell a range of different scented deodorants in plastic free packaging. A great option if you’re already out shopping as it’s stocked in Boots in the UK.

5. AKT – www.aktlondon.com

Made by two London West End performers in the UK. Their deodorants are cased in recyclable aluminium and a cardboard tube, so are completely plastic free.