Exercising doesn’t always have to include doing a sport or heading to the gym. Exercise can be carried out whilst surrounded by nature and doing exercise in nature also has amazing benefits for your mental health and wellbeing too.

Many of the things we do whilst surrounded by nature, are a form of exercise and we don’t even realise it.

Below we have put together some of our favourite activities, you can do surrounded by nature, that will help you to keep fit and healthy:

Go on a woodland walk
Walking in a woodland not only gets you exercising but it also gets you out and about. Going for a walk through the trees will allow you to appreciate the beauty of the woodland’s biodiversity.

Run in the park
If you don’t have any woodland nearby, head to your local park for your run or for a walk. Parks are a great way to connect with nature in your local area.

Those that carry out gardening regularly will tell you that gardening is a great form of exercise for your physical health. They will also tell you that it is great for your mental health too, as it is your responsibility to help your garden or allotment flourish.

Beach clean
Cleaning up a beach is not only a form of exercise, but you are also helping to protect the biodiversity that lives there from harmful waste.

Yoga is a great form of exercise for both your mind and your body, there are many places that offer classes out in nature to help you to connect with the world around you. For those that can’t get outside, try to incorporate plant and animal poses into your exercise routine.