Rewilding is a form of conservation that allows an area of land to restore itself back to its previous uncultured state. Rewilding your garden, whether the whole garden or just a part of it, is important as you can bring back wildlife, such as flowers and bees, that have been removed, for example, due to lawns being cut.

Many people within the UK want their gardens to be neat and tidy, and in some cases, people opt for plastic and artificial grass. These are factors within your garden that will prevent wildlife from flourishing, as it prevents the growth of plants, which small animals, birds and insects thrive in.

In order to rewild your garden let weeds and wildflowers grow. You can buy packets of wildflower seeds to help encourage growth. This will also encourage small mammals and insects, such as hedgehogs, bees, ants, and beetles to live in your garden, increasing its biodiversity. If you are a keen bird watcher, you will also find that more birds will fly into your garden too.

If you don’t want to rewild your whole garden, don’t worry as you can choose a specific spot to allow to grow wild.