Many of us spend the large majority of our day inside, whether in a classroom, an office or at home. Most of these things aren’t avoidable, therefore, we must make sure that we make time to get outside. There are so many benefits to being out in nature and these include:

Nature can improve your mental health
Being out in nature can give you those few minutes you need to forget about anything that is stressing you out. Listening to nature, such as the wind in the trees and the birds calling, can be just the right ambience you need to destress and relax.

You may find that your mood lifts whilst you are out, whether you are in a woodland or at your local park. Getting away from a screen and enjoying the beautiful world around you may just put that much needed smile on your face.

Nature can improve your physical health
Most of the time being out in nature, usually means that there is some form of exercise involved. For some people the idea of exercise isn’t appealing. However, the activity you carry out within nature doesn’t have to be the equivalent of a full work out. Just heading out for a walk through your local park or woodland is a great way to exercise. If you feel like you can push yourself, go for a run, either way you will feel better for carrying out the activity within nature.

Some activities, like gardening or going on a beach clean, don’t seem like exercise. However, both activities are great for your physical health and the planet, as you will end up with a beautiful garden or a clean beach.

Nature can help you to connect with others
Being out in nature can be an amazing way to meet new people. Whether it is through visiting your local park, either for a walk or to take your children to the park, the chances are their will be lots of people doing the same thing.

Another way to help you to connect with others is through joining classes and groups that are based outside or where their main priority is to protect the planet and its biodiversity. Groups and classes include yoga classes, hiking clubs, conservation groups and wildlife societies.

You will feel more connected to nature
Once you are out in nature you will begin to feel more connected to it. To increase this feeling of connectivity, make sure you take a minute to take in your surroundings. Listen to what you can hear such as the sound of birds and the trees rustling. Take in the biodiversity of the area, including the plants and animals.

Each part of nature has its own small ecosystem with its own biodiversity, being out in nature and taking a moment to look at your surroundings will help you to appreciate the world we live in.