Co-Founder & CEO

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Company description
To prevent surplus food from going to waste, Olio, a food sharing app, connects neighbours and local businesses in order to share unwanted, edible food.

The app is also used to prevent the waste of non-food household items as well.

To share your item, all you have to do is set up an account on the app, and add an image and description of your item, as well as your location.

Sustainable achievements

  • Tessa understands the process that goes into producing food, as her parents were farmers, and wanted to spread the message of why it is important to not waste food
  • Tessa came up with the idea for a food sharing app when she was told by removal men to throw away perfectly edible food when moving house
  • Being part of the creation of Olio has meant the app has over 6 million users and over 50 million portions of food have been shared
  • She is working towards making Olio international by 2025 in order to reduce food waste significantly
  • Olio had a boost during the Covid-19 pandemic as communities looked for ways to help others, which included sharing food with others