Tesco had previously pledged to reduce its food waste by half before 2030. The supermarket giant has now moved this forward five years and has made a new pledge to halve food waste by 2025.

Tesco have pledged to
halve food waste by 2025.

In order to encourage work towards these targets, executive directors are being told that they will not receive performance related bonuses if they do not reach the targets that are to be put in place.

The target to reduce their waste by half before 2030, began in 2016, and since then waste has already been halved by 45%. This equates to only 0.35% of food within Tesco ending up as waste.

Tesco believe that food waste has become a major issue within the UK and more must be done to prevent it. Ken Murphy, Tesco’s Chief Executive Officer, has called the food waste issue an “urgent humanitarian concern”, and is fully behind Tesco’s new target for 2025.

Tesco has already got partnerships in place with FareShare and our Going Green partner Olio. These partnerships have been put in place to make sure that any surplus food the supermarket has is redistributed and doesn’t become waste.