Dear [fellow team members],

Many organisations within our sector are already supplying their staff members with sustainability training and I firmly believe that as an organisation we should be receiving this training too.

As a company we must be taking action to play our part to fight climate change. Due to the urgency of the situation, we must all make the effort to learn of the crisis’ complexity. This knowledge will allow us to improve the decisions we make throughout all levels of the organisation, to become more sustainable and avoid greenwashing.

This is why I believe that the engaging, video-based e-learning, Going Green can supply through their Academy, will be useful for all staff members across the organisation. The Academy is the UK’s green training subscription service, that will help us to future proof the organisation. Their training covers a range of topics including how will climate change affect your business, the benefits of making sustainable choices, how to get to net zero and how to market your green credentials to your audience and stakeholders.

This knowledge comes from a range of sources including guest presenters, scientists, celebrities, and experts for every area of environmentalism, climate and sustainability, and the training is always accessible and applicable to everyone. I believe that the Going Green Academy training would be perfect for us, for gaining knowledge surrounding topics that will increase our sustainability at work and at home, as:

  • It is accessible for all, meaning everyone in the organisation has the same opportunities to learn
  • It has a holistic approach which allows us to understand every topic surrounding climate change, sustainability and the environment
  • The training will help to guide us throughout the whole process of our sustainable journey, and will help us to avoid organisation-damaging greenwashing 
  • The information received will come from a range of scientists, experts and presenters who have a broad range of in-depth knowledge surrounding a large number of topics
  • We can tailor the training we receive from their video library of over 150 micro-courses

I have already shared this information with [our Senior Management Team/Name of Senior Manager], and I would appreciate if you could also show your support. You can do this by adding your name to the attached list which will help to make our organisation understand the importance of the training.

Thank you for your support in advance and I look forward to hearing any thoughts you may have.
Best wishes,
[Your Name]