There are a large range of podcasts out there for you to listen to, that cover a range of topics. We have put together a list of our top podcasts or podcast episodes, that will help you to understand Sustainability in Sport:

Costing the Earth – How green is my golf course?

Golf courses do not have a good reputation when it comes to sustainability. Sybil Ruscoe asks what efforts are being made to make them more environmentally-friendly.

Costing the Earth – Sustainable Sport for the Future

The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar have pledged to tackle climate change. Qasa Alom discovers how the sports industry is rising to the challenge.

No Planet No Play

The Sport Environment Alliance’s #NoPlanetNoPlay podcast is hosted by Tiffany Cherry, SEA Director and Co-Chair of SEA’s Ambassador Committee. It investigates how we can do more {for the planet} with less {footprint}.

The Good Sports Podcast

The Good Sports Podcast is dedicated to answering the big questions that surround sport, development, and all the different ways the two fields can interact: What does good look like? How can we do better? And how can we measure it?

The Seek Together: Episode 4: Sustainability in Sports

Their guests discuss the connection between sports and the environment, the power of shared resources and networks, and how collaboration between sports organizations, communities, athletes and fans can contribute to sustainable progress.

The Sport Ecology Group

The Sport Ecology Group shares the stories of sports people who’ve dedicated their platforms and careers to climate action.