As most of us use the internet for shopping, it is important to make sure that the online shops we are buying from are sustainable. Please see below a list of 5 sustainable online shops. This list is certainly not exhaustive and there are plenty of other sustainable shops on the internet.

As always make sure you do some research when shopping online to make sure the company are not greenwashing.

The Sustainable Market Place
The Sustainable Market Place partners with sustainable and eco-friendly UK brands to supply their customers with plastic-free alternatives for the products they need. The company state that to be a climate warrior you need to start with small changes, as they can make a big difference, and they want to make these changes as easy as possible.

Their aim is to help people make these small changes in their everyday lives so that their customers can become a little more sustainable.

The Cheeky Panda
The Cheeky Panda is a B Corp company that sell a range of bamboo household, baby and beauty products. They make their products using 100% bamboo in order to make their products more sustainable. Not only does the company want their bamboo products to be sustainable they also believe that bamboo is kinder to your skin.

The company have committed to being plastic free, helping to reduce the need for deforestation, using natural resources, becoming carbon neutral and promoting sustainable sources.

The Ethical Superstore is an online store that finds sustainable products from worldwide brands and sells them from one place. The products they source are eco-friendly and have as little impact as possible on our planet. They have a range of products from beauty to fashion to food in order for you to make sustainable changes in your life.

Many of the products they sell through their store cannot be bought in supermarkets at the moment, meaning they are a great place to find new sustainable products.

Earth Bits is a company that sells a range of sustainable products such as bathroom products, kitchen products, make up and reusables for when you are on the go.

The company aims to make swapping to sustainable products as easy as possible in order to help lower peoples’ carbon footprints. In order to do this, they have a section within their online shop called ‘Easy Swaps’, which shows you what to buy to make simple changes.

The motto of the company is to BUY LESS. USE MORE. WASTE ZERO.

Peace With The
Peace With The Wild is a family run company that works with around 230 brands to give customers the opportunity to buy natural, eco-friendly and sustainable products. Their main aim is to get people to be closer to nature by choosing brands that use natural ingredients.

The company also use greener packaging as the packaging they use is made from reusable, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

The family that run Peace With The Wild hope that they can help others to live waste free like they do, and they hope the products they source and sell through their company will help people to live more sustainably.