The Sustainable Fashion Week is a not-for-profit project that is community led. Their goal is to bring people together to fight climate change through collaboration within the fashion industry.

Sustainable Fashion Week will run from
16th to the 25th of September

The object of this fashion week is to help people to fall in love with the clothes they already own. They hope to change peoples’ minds when it comes to fashion, to help them to make more sustainable choices when choosing what to wear. They want people to move away from unsustainable fast fashion and look into ways to make their wardrobes sustainable, through repairing old clothes, buying from sustainable brands and educating people on sustainability in the fashion world to help them make more sustainable choices.

This year’s Sustainable Fashion Week will run from the 16th to the 25th of September. The main events will be hosted in Bristol, such as their SFW Hub and SFW catwalk. The main aim of the catwalk is to showcase four themes concerning sustainable fashion, including to regenerate, rewear, repurpose and reconnect with clothes. For more information on their catwalk, visit:

Although based in Bristol there will be range of community-based events and workshops taking place throughout the UK and online. These events are to bring people together and will be ran by brands, communities, individuals and organisations who want to encourage people to look at their fashion choices more sustainably. These events include fashion shows, clothes swaps, and workshops to help you to mend any old clothes you want to give a new life to, as well as a wide range of other events. For more information on the events happening near you see: