On the 3rd of March (2023), the Welsh Government published its Stronger, Fairer, Greener Wales: Net Zero Skills Plan. The plan will focus on upskilling those in Wales, in order for them to work within future net zero jobs.

To succeed with the plan the Welsh Government are working alongside organisations, educators, the skills sector, trade unions and businesses.

The aim of the plan is to move the economy away from the reliance of fossil fuels, reduce the skills divide, lift people out of poverty and create greener and more sustainable jobs. If the government manage to reach all of these goals, they hope to make the economy in Wales much more competitive.

In 2021, the Welsh Government released a statement claiming that they want to move towards a better, fairer and cleaner, low carbon future. They have stated they will do this through investing in people, skills and providing greener jobs.

Within the plan there are seven key actions that need to take place:

  1. For each emission sector, the current skills position needs to be understood.
  2. There needs to be an understanding of net zero and the skills needed across Wales.
  3. A skilled workforce needs to be established that is in line with the government’s net zero commitments.
  4. The skills system needs to be strengthened.
  5. To increase the net zero potential, young people also need to have access to opportunities.
  6. To meet the skills commitment, there needs to be partnerships across government and with organisations.
  7. No one should be left behind during the just transition.

Upon the launch of the new net zero plan, Minister for the Economy of Wales, Vaughan Gething stated that:

“The Welsh Government is determined to ensure we build a Stronger, Fairer, Greener Wales, where no one is left behind. We’ve committed to creating a Wales where individuals of all ages can receive a high-quality education, with jobs for all and where businesses can thrive in a net zero economy that champions fairness and equality.”