8th of May 1926
Isleworth, Middlesex, England


  • Naturalist
  • Broadcaster
  • Presenter


  • After leaving the navy and a job at a publishing company Sir David Attenborough began working for the BBC
  • In 1965, he became the Controller of BBC 2. In the same year he filmed two documentaries on elephants in Tanzania and the cultural history of Bali
  • In 1973, he resigned from his position at the BBC to become a freelance broadcaster
  • Since 1979, Sir David Attenborough has created a number of inspiring documentaries outlining the world around us. The most notable documentary series include: Life, The Living Planet, Our Planet, Frozen Planet, Blue Planet and many more
  • After the year 2000, the documentaries he began to create leaned more towards saving the planet he had spent years introducing to the general public through his work. These documentaries include: Climate Change, Saving the Planet, and A Perfect Planet

Achievements in Sustainability

  • In 1985, Sir David Attenborough was knighted for his services for broadcasting, due to his inspiring documentary series
  • He has visited every continent of the world to share its beauty, to encourage people to be more sustainable to protect the planet
  • Working with the WWF, Sir David Attenborough produced David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet, where he outlined the changes he had seen happen on the planet over his lifetime. He has claimed that this documentary is his witness statement to how climate change is affecting the planet, and uses it as a plea for us to lessen humanity’s impact
  • He has received 29 honorary degrees from British universities
  • In 2003, he became a patron of the World Land Trust, to help conserve land
  • In 2005, Sir David Attenborough received a lifetime achievement award from Association of British Science Writers due to his outstanding services to science journalism
  • In 2021, he received the WWF’s Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Award
  • In 2022, Sir David Attenborough received a second knight ship for services to television broadcasting and to conservation