Singapore’s Education Minister, Chan Chun Sing, stated that in order for Singapore’s students to have a chance of being able to find a green job, they need to understand sustainability. To do this he announced that Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) were offering more educational opportunities for students regarding sustainability.

All five polytechnics in Singapore, over the past three years, have been adding sustainability courses to their programmes. New courses are being added to Diplomas including carbon footprint management, environmental management, and sustainability design as the polytechnics wish to increase their sustainable education services.

Each module within these sustainable courses will take up to one to two hours of a student’s time a week, and many of these courses are mandatory to make sure all students are receiving an education to prepare them for a greener economy. This education will help the students to develop new skills to cope within a new green economy and will give them the knowledge to help increase the economy’s growth.

As Singapore plans to further increase its educational opportunities that teach students about sustainability, these five polytechnics have future plans to increase the number of courses they offer, with more courses becoming available in 2023.