Within the next 12 months, Glaswegian energy company Scottish Power plans to create 1,000 new green jobs. The energy giant aims to build a new renewable pipeline that will open up numerous job opportunities in areas such as construction, training, trade and planning.

This is one of the company’s biggest drives for new recruits and it is due to the energy company having already secured the contract of 16 new renewable projects, including solar energy installations and projects in onshore and offshore wind. The company plans to invest £4 billion into these projects with the hope to reach a total capacity of 2.1GW.

The company have also been awarded the rights to start three seabed projects that will create a 7GW energy capacity through offshore wind projects.

Keith Anderson, Scottish Power’s Chief Executive, has spoken out about the company’s move towards green energy and the contracts they have been awarded, stating:

“The momentum of the first six months of 2022 and our record of achievement now gives us our biggest ever investment pipeline of green energy assets to help deliver the Government’s energy strategy and net zero for the UK. As a direct result, we now need at least 1,000 people to join us in new positions over the next twelve months to design, build and operate this green energy infrastructure and that’s why today, we’re issuing our biggest ever call for green recruits right across the country to fulfil our ambitions.”

As the company increases the amount of projects it undertakes they plan to create further green job opportunities both within their company and down their supply chain.