Within the two weeks before COP27 began, hundreds of potential protestors were arrested due to their connections with calls for protests at the event.

These arrests raised questions at how the Egyptian authorities will react to those who wish to protest at COP27. Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Research and Advocacy Director, Philip Luther had stated that:

“The Egyptian authorities must allow peaceful demonstrators to gather freely and refrain from using unlawful force or arbitrary arrests to deter protests”.

Due to COP27, the Egyptian Authorities have reactivated the Presidential Pardons Committee (PPC), although for a protest to be lawful within Sharm El-Sheikh, 36 hours’ notice must be given, and it must be related to the climate.

Protests are only allowed to occur between 10am and 5pm, and you can only protest if you have a badge. The Egyptian Authorities have stated that these measures have been put in place to allow the protestors to protest safely.