See below our list of green and sustainable podcasts:

39 Ways to Save the Planet

Narrated by: Tom Heap

BBC Radio Four, in partnership with the Royal Geographical Society, presents 39 ideas to relieve the stress that climate change is exerting on the planet.

Age of Plastic

Narrated by: Andrea Fox

A podcast that gives tips on how to live plastic free.

BBC Earth

Narrated by: Emily Knight

This podcast shares stories and truths about the natural world, through science and human experience.

BBC Radio 5’s What planet are we on

Narrated by: Liz Bonnin

Liz offers practical tips and solutions, as well as speaking to experts and campaigners, regarding the impact of climate change. 

Building Sustainability

Narrated by: Jeffrey Hart

Hart explores the  world of sustainability in the built environment and talks to wonderful people who are doing excellent things.

Costing the Earth

Narrated by: Tom Heap

BBC Radio 4 hosts a factual programme covering a range of topics about our Earth.

Earth Shakers

Narrated by: Lizzie Carr

Hosted by Lizzie Carr who is the founder of the environmental movement, Planet Patrol.

Ethical Hour

Narrated by: Sian Conway

Cutting-edge conversations from world-leading ethical innovators with ethical marketing strategist Sian Conway.

Food Is Wasted

Narrated by: Chris King

This series of podcasts shares the stories of people and organisations from across the globe, fighting to reduce the amount of edible food needlessly going to waste.

Force of Nature

Narrated by: Clover Hogan

Covering a range of topics, climate activist, Clover Hogan, discusses issues with impressive special guests.

For what it’s Earth

Narrated by: Emma Brisdion and Lloyd Hopkins

Sustainability podcast making big issues into bite-sized chunks.

Friends of the Earth: How to save a planet

Narrated by: Friends of the Earth

Inspiring stories from the frontline of the climate movement.

Green Dreamer

Narrated by: Kamea Chayne

A community-powered podcast exploring our paths to collective healing, biocultural revitalisation, and true abundance and wellness.

How to save a planet

Narrated by: Alex Blumberg and Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Discusses which solutions exist and which are being developed.

Jane Goodall Hopecast

Narrated by: Jane Goodall

Learn about Jane Goodall’s life and hear from special guests.

Jon Richardson and the Futurenauts

Narrated by: Jon Richardson, Ed Gillespie and Mark Stevenson

This podcast discusses how to overcome the challenges we may face in the near future.

Outrage and Optimism

Narrated by: Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac and Paul Dickinson

They explore the headlines on climate change, talk to change makers and question greenwashing. 

So Hot Right Now

Narrated by: Tom Mustill, Lucy Siegle and Sam Lee

They talk to a range of people who share their insight into saving the planet to inspire you to play your part.

Streets ahead

Narrated by: Adam Tranter, Laura Laker and Ned Boulting

In each episode, they discuss news and views in the fast-paced world of active travel, cycling, walking and urban planning.


Narrated by: Ol and Dave

A comedy podcast about the environment.


Narrated by: Jen Gale

A podcast giving practical help and support for the #imperfectlygreen

Talking Tastebuds

Narrated by: Venetia La Manna

Takes a holistic look at eco-impacts for those interested in food.

The Big Green Money Show

Narrated by: Deborah Meaden

Dragon’s Den’s Deborah Meaden discusses the biggest problem facing our planet: Climate Change, with big names in business. 

The Yikes

Narrated by: Mikaela Loach and Jo Becker

They breakdown the issues in an accessible intersectional way to guide us towards action together.

Wellness unpacked with Ella Mills

Narrated by: Ella Mills

Series 1, episode 5, Food waste is one of the biggest challenges facing us today, with 25 million slices of bread thrown away every day in UK households and over $1 trillion dollars of food wasted every year. In this episode we look at just how serious it is, the huge role we as individuals play in it, and how we can tackle the issue with Tessa Clarke, from the food waste app, Olio.