Throughout the UK many communities have decided to go plastic free. In order for a community to go plastic free, individuals must remove plastic items from their life and swap to alternatives, including reusable cups.

One of the newest communities to go plastic free is Overton, the village in Basingstoke is one of the first communities in Hampshire to commit to going plastic free. The village received plastic free status in 2020 and has managed to keep this status since.

The village received 
plastic free status in 2020

The move to becoming plastic free in Overton was due to parents who wanted to make the world better for their children. Laura Harrison, one of the Mums involved in the movement stated that they wanted to “do something where we felt we could make a difference to what will be the future for our children. That is the driving force behind all of this.”

Due to this movement the Parish Council was asked to declare a climate emergency, this was passed, and a new campaign began. Sustainable Overton is a campaign that works towards making the village carbon neutral by 2030.

It isn’t only individuals that have shown support for this campaign, businesses are getting involved as well. Local businesses throughout the village have made several pledges to become more sustainable, as well as signing up to a number of sustainable initiatives.