This year’s (2023) British Science Week took place from the 10th to the 19th of March. As part of this week, the Country Trust is asking farmers, families and schools to plant their pants.

But why?

The reason for this is to test the health of the soil around us.

The Trust claims that:

One teaspoon of soil can contain more
living organisms than there are people in the world!

Therefore, the soil is an incredibly important ecosystem. The aim of this campaign is to help people to understand why it is so important that our soil remains healthy and why it is so vital to our daily lives.

To check the health of your soil, the Trust is encouraging people to cut up an old pair of cotton pants. To keep it sustainable they must be old and ready for the bin. The pants must then be buried in the soil and left for two months.

After the two months are up, dig up your pants and see how much they have disintegrated. The more the pants have disintegrated, the healthier your soil is.

Don’t worry is you can’t get involved this year, the Country Trust are planning to do this each year, to help the UK to understand why healthy soils are vital, and to help us to take responsibility for maintaining the soils health.

For more information on why this is happening throughout the UK, or to find out how to get involved, see the Country Trust’s website at:!