The Climate Change Committee (CCC) has stated that the UK is off course for its net zero target for the power grid. The target is to be reached by 2035, as declared by the International Energy Agency’s (IEA), and the CCC have advised that there needs to be an improvement and an increase in planning policies.

To reach net zero within the UK’s power grid, the CCC have today (9th March 2023) released 25 recommendations that will improve how transformative projects will be delivered. These recommendations have been issued to help the UK Government move to an entirely renewable power grid.

To make the power grid renewable the UK must make improvements to increase its renewable energy generation including wind and solar power. There has also been a call for an increase in nuclear energy.

To increase its renewable energy, the UK needs to work at a much faster rate to build the necessary infrastructure to create this energy generation. In the report, released by the CCC containing the 25 recommendations, it states that the government is not doing enough and Chairman, Lord Deben claims that the:

“Government is asleep at the wheel”.

One of the biggest concerns highlighted by the CCC is that the UK does not have enough low-carbon backup generation. There also needs to be an increase in carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.

According to the Westwood Global Energy Group, the UK is working towards its green hydrogen commitments as it could be possible for 17GW of hydrogen production to take place by 2030.