If the thought of eating rabbit food is holding you back from reducing your meat intake, take a look at some of these delicious plant-based options:

The texture of Jackfruit feels very similar to pulled meat – think pulled pork or BBQ brisket. Delicious in a sandwich or in a stuffed pitta.

Once only associated with hippies and students, lentils are a great substitute for mince. Delicious in stews, burgers and tacos.

If you’ve never tasted a buffalo cauliflower wing, you’re missing out! Weirdly not dissimilar to a chicken wing but without the cholesterol.

The ‘umami’ flavour in meat is what makes it so appealing and can be quite difficult to replicate – try frying a portobello like a steak and you’ll find it makes a satisfying substitute.

Hearts of Palm
One of the lesser-known substitutes, but for seafood and lobster fans this is a must. Try adding them to a seafood sauce and serving with a salad.

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