Nissan have launched their new sustainable finance framework which will help to fund the development of electric vehicles, battery reuse, mobility services, environmental technologies, charging stations and clean manufacturing systems.

Their framework has three themes running through it, that the company feels are important. These themes are social, sustainable, and green.

social, sustainable, and green

The company have unveiled their EV360Zero system in Sunderland which hopes to create over 1,500 jobs within its battery plant and its locally sourced green energy to power production. The EV360Zero system is set to bring together the production of electric vehicles, batteries and renewable energy.

Nissan have already partnered with Sunderland City Council as well as Envision AESC, who are worldwide battery specialists.

The company have made a commitment to help create a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world, and promoting sustainability is one of the ways they are doing this. Their corporate purpose is “Driving innovation to enrich people’s lives.” This new framework appears to be in line with their purpose as the company is appearing to do more to become sustainable, such as through making the swap to renewable energy consumption to lower their emissions.

Adjacent to the plant is a 37,000 panel, solar panel farm. Initially developed by Nissan, it has now been taken over by Atrato Onsite Energy, a renewable energy company. The company are set to complete the project and get the solar panel farm up and running. Once the farm is generating power the company will sell the energy to Nissan who will use it to power their battery plant. This move towards renewable energy will allow Nissan to be more sustainable, as they move away from emission releasing energy sources.