Cheryl Hughes

My mission at GG is to spread our knowledge and information as far and wide as possible.

Time is against us and my sole focus is to raise awareness of sustainable solutions to as many people, businesses and organisations as possible, allowing us to limit the damage caused by the climate crisis.

I have always had a passion for connecting people and building communities and have spent the last 20 years on a variety of projects in commercial industries, which has never truly aligned with the old hippy who lives inside of me!

When we started to form the idea of Going Green, I knew I’d finally found my purpose. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to combine my love of living in harmony with nature, with my ability to promote organisations and causes.

Together, we can transition to a carbon-neutral nation and in building the Going Green community, we proudly partner with organisations, companies and individuals to become a force for good in the world.

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Craig Smith

For the last 20 years, I have worked as an intermediary between businesses and various government departments, in assisting business growth and education.

Whilst professionally I have always been successful, I had the opportunity to rethink my priorities during the turbulent pandemic years and I felt something had to change.

I’m a proud father of three children, who are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact humans are having on the planet, I want to be able to show my children that I am committing my professional life and skills to responding to the developing climate crisis.

People, businesses and government have a profound opportunity to help build a more sustainable future but yet, often don’t know the best ways to navigate the seemingly complex world of ‘going green’.

If you’ve found yourself here, we no doubt have a common concern about the planet that we share, and in creating Going Green, we hope to give you the knowledge and the tools to be a part of the legacy that we leave to our children and the generations to come.

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David Bowyer: Creative for Going Green Academy

Having migrated from the city to the English countryside at age 11, I have always been fascinated by the natural world. It was rural France in 2005 where I decided to study graphic design. I knew the web was going to be the domain for my creativity, but I didn’t expect the amount of unique individuals I would meet and work with whilst building my web agency MM&B Studio, learning the most sensitive things about their business and operations.

Together with Simon and Nicola at MM&B I have seen things which I would never have imagined growing up as a working class lad in the North West of England. The inner workings of many different businesses, large and small, and take pride in being trusted to help with sensitive business and personal data. Launching a website for Dr. Paul Beers led to contact with the Going Green team, and my introduction to the project as leading the development of the Going Green Academy learning platform. I look forward to continuing the journey of discovery and sharing my experience as our horizons broaden.

Outside of work I participate in a number of local environmental, arts and community action groups. My family spent many years developing a derelict Mushroom farm into an ecological park. I also enjoy cooking, music, festivals and yoga.

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Ian Foxcroft: Energy Assessor


Lloyd Eyre-Morgan: Going Green Academy, Director

Hi I’m Lloyd Eyre-Morgan and I am the director for the Going Green Academy.

I am a writer and director with many years experience in the film industry, and I am currently directing on Eastenders for the BBC.

After training at UCLA, I went on to create my own work, receiving showings at Picturehouse Cinemas London and Cineworlds across the UK with several award winning films.

Sustainability and protecting the planet are incredibly important to me, therefore, I am excited to be working with Going Green to help produce courses for the Going Green Academy.

Megan Collingwood: Editor

I am the Editor for UK Going Green, writing and editing material about a range of topics that covers sustainable consumerism, business, and the public sector.

I have always had an interest in the world around me and I graduated from the University of Chester in 2016 with a Batchelor’s Degree in Archaeology. I am excited to be a part of this new online platform that will help to pave the way for making a greener world. After previously working in the world of International Trade as a Production Manager, creating guides to help businesses trade, I have realised that this world isn’t exactly green or sustainable and I am confident that UK Going Green can help educate people so that we can change that.

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Paul Beers: Co-Founder and Head of Sustainability

Hello!  I have a lifelong passion for science, education, and the environment. This is reflected in my work to improve the prospects of people and our planet. I have over 30 years experience of developing and delivering learning programmes in higher education. Over the past 5 years I have been writing learning materials for The University of Derby Online, mentoring students and teaching subject modules for the MSc in Sustainability and Environmental Management. 

Prior to starting my own business in 2004, I worked in academia, for Unilever and the Learning and Skills Council (LSC). I was Unilever’s head of biological safety, with responsibility for the microbiological and environmental safety of all Unilever products. My role at the LSC was to lead the development of Environmental Technology Skills across the West Midlands.

Within my own business, I have developed and delivered change management programmes, strategy advice, and sustainable development consultancy to business and the public sector. I have been an independent ministerial advisor to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, advising ministers on maximising the contribution of low carbon and environmental technologies to the UK economy.

I believe that enabling learning and developing skills is a key factor in achieveing a sustainable transition to a low carbon future. I want a future where our environment is protected so that all of us can continue to benefit from it, as I do every day when I walk my dog in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

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Paul King: Digital and Online

As a professional I have 20 years’ experience as a creative director in print and digital. I’m responsive, from branding and advertising to marketing and social – helping businesses communicate and build brand equity responsibly. My way is friendly, relaxed and informal, but I do adopt best business practice throughout. I have a people-orientated philosophy, which results in not only a professional but a personal approach to business, creativity and design…

As a father to two children this also comes with a responsibility – to educate and direct young minds – with love, respect, honesty and integrity in a humanist way – in the hope that our next generation will grow up with a greater understanding and responsibility, not only for themselves but the environment they are now the guardians of.

My motto in business and in life:

“Excellence, effort and enthusiasm are at the core of everything I do.”

Sam Lewis: Energy Assessor
Sam Retford: Going Green Academy, Lead Presenter

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m the lead presenter of the Going Green Academy.

I am an actor, presenter and film maker best known for my work on the Netflix/Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge and ITV’s Coronation Street.

I am currently working on a new TV series for the BBC, as well as directing and curating films with Collective Media.

Growing up in Australia, I have always had a love for the outdoors, carrying this over into a regular habit of exploring the planet above and under the ground.

This is one of the main reasons I am excited to be collaborating with the Going Green Academy  to help protect our planet.

Tony Miles: Energy Assessor
Chilli: Chief Snuffler


I’m Chilli.

I oversee all the treats, toys and walkies of the company.