One of the best ways to prevent food waste in your home is to plan your meals. This means that you know exactly what you are eating each week. Not only does this stop you from buying unwanted food, it will also mean that you can budget for the week much more easily.

Once you have planned your meals, you will be able to make a shopping list to take with you when you shop. Make sure you stick to this shopping list, so that you don’t forget anything or buy anything you don’t need.

Before you write your shopping list, however, make sure you look in your cupboards, drawers, fridge and freezer, to check you don’t already have the ingredients in. This will prevent you from buying more ingredients you don’t need.

Here at Going Green we would like to help you to make your sustainable changes easier, therefore we have put together a meal plan template for you to download and print to help you plan your week’s meals: