Marcus Rashford over the last few years has become a sort of national treasure. The 24 year old Manchester United footballer has inspired many with the pressure he placed on our government to put more plans in place to stop child hunger in our country. As well as working alongside supermarket giant, Aldi, on their mission to end food poverty.

Not only is the England forward an advocate for eradicating food poverty, he also appears to be now looking for sustainable ways to live. Most footballers live in large houses that, if calculated, would have a ginormous carbon footprint, much higher than the average person. Marcus Rashford, although will still live in a large house, has put plans in place to make his home an eco-home.

His ’wildlife paradise’ is to become a haven for plants and animals with the footballer making sure there are plenty of bird boxes, bat boxes and fencing that is hedgehog friendly. When planning permission was accepted ecologists put in biodiversity-enhancing measures to make sure that natural habitats within the 32.5 hectares of land were conserved. After finding Green Crested Newts in a pond on the land, Rashford signed an agreement to make sure they remained protected.

There has not yet been any mention of how eco friendly the actual house will be once it is constructed. However, for someone currently living in the spotlight, it appears that his sustainable way of thinking may begin to inspire others to think about the environment around them too.