Scotland has been identified as being the windiest country in Europe, with the other UK countries being not too far behind. Therefore, this makes Scotland one of the best places in Europe for effective renewable energy production from wind power. It is therefore possible to run a factory on renewable energy and Mackie’s of Scotland are proof of that.

The company was established in 1986, and has gone on to produce ice cream, chocolate and crisps, and over the last three decades the company has managed to move towards making their business sustainable by using renewable energy sources.  Along with solar energy from solar panels, the company uses wind energy from their own wind turbines which powers their business by helping them to grow their crops. The growth of their crops means that they can feed their 280 black and white Holstein milking cows, and these are the cows that produce the milk needed to make the ice cream in which the company sells.

The company owns four wind turbines that can generate up to 3MW each. The company has calculated that this amount of energy equates to that needed to supply 2,000 homes with electricity. The sustainable company makes twice as much energy as it uses, and it has hopes to continue its impressive use of renewable energy by becoming one of the first green companies to produce ice cream in the world.

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