Live Nation Entertainment is one of America’s biggest entertainment companies. Their main goal is to make it easier for customers to get tickets for a wide range of concerts and events worldwide.

In recent years their goals have turned to sustainability. Their motto: ‘Empower the Earth’, is their approach when focusing on ways to reduce their carbon footprint. They have issued a pledge to be stewards to protect the areas in which events are held in order to reduce their environmental impact.

Through their sustainable ethos they have agreed to educate those they work alongside to make effective changes to reduce emissions, and they have pledged to become more sustainable and to be in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the UNFCCC’s Paris Agreement.

To do this they have outlined eight key areas where they can improve including: their emissions and energy, their resource use and reduction of waste (including the reduction in plastic use), water use, food, public engagement, procurement, transport, and their local impacts. They have already begun to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of each event and they are aiming to create 100% renewable energy reliant events. As well as switching to renewable energy use in their own offices.

With over 34 million concert and festival-goers each year in the UK, the events industry needs to do more to reduce its emissions and reduce its environmental impact. Live Nation UK, if they continue to carry out the improvements they have promised, and if other entertainment companies follow suit, the industry will have a very important role in helping to get the UK to net zero by 2050.