Lily Cole as a mother, actress, model, entrepreneur, author, and activist, looks for ways to make her life, both at home and through her work, more sustainable. Although she admits she wasn’t taught much about it in school.

Cole rightly claims that schoolchildren are our future and must be taught how to be sustainable. If they are well-informed now on the effects their actions have on our climate, then they will make better and more sustainable choices in the future.

She puts the point across that environmental education should be a subject within schools and that it would enhance the understanding of why it is important to protect our planet. Educating children about the science and data of climate change will help them to understand these changes and will make them want to take action to fight against it.

She has admitted that previously she wanted to hide the truth of climate change from children, as she believed as adults it was their job to solve climate change and make a better future for the next generation. However, as she has become a mother herself, she has come to realise that children have their own unique ideas, and they have a fresh new understanding of the world around them. Bringing about new ways to fight against climate change and to protect our planet.

Therefore, educating children about climate change whilst they are at school will allow them to develop these new ideas and solutions, and will help them grow up to be green and sustainable.