The World Economic Forum, using data taken from LinkedIn, has released their findings, regarding how jobs and skills will change within the next five years, within The Future of Jobs Report 2023. This is the fourth edition of this report, and the findings show that overall, the need for green skills around the world is at an all-time high.

Since 2019, the hiring rate for green jobs has been higher than the overall hiring rate, however, only 13% of the global workforce have the desired green skills. The data shows that, before 2027, three out of five workers will need training to either upskill or reskill for greener jobs. According to LinkedIn, three out of the ten fastest growing roles since 2018 are linked directly to environmental sustainability, therefore this training is becoming increasingly important.

Only 13% of the global workforce
have the desired green skills.

It is not only the workers that need to become more sustainable, as a quarter of workers have claimed that it is non-negotiable that they work for an employer who has a strong environmental approach.

Employers need to start providing training for their workers, as globally the demand for green skills has risen to 40%. With this green skill training, two out of three companies can look at earning a return on their investments, as well as a 52% increase in their annual corporate investments due to the green transition.

The UK Government has pledged to create 2 million green jobs within the UK by 2030, however there has been an increase in the need for education to teach workers new green skills, in order to fill these jobs. As of yet the UK Government have not put stable plans in place to achieve these targets.

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To read the full report see the World Economic Forum’s website here.