Schools across Ireland will soon have solar panels on their roofs, due to a new government grant scheme. The scheme follows a previous scheme from the Irish Department of the Environment that is being put into place to increase the use of solar panels by public organisations and communities, including schools and SMEs. Each organisation/business that is accepted by the scheme will receive up to €2,400.

According to Eamon Ryan, Ireland’s Minister for the Environment, this scheme could save businesses €3,000 a year.

Businesses could save €3,000 a year.

 The Irish Government are yet to decide the final details for the new school scheme, which includes how much money each school will receive. They are also yet to set a target for how much energy each school should be generating.

The reason for this scheme is to protect Ireland’s schools from the rising energy prices. The hope is that adding the solar panels will help to keep energy costs down through renewable energy generation.

These plans are currently still being discussed within Ireland’s cabinet, and a decision on the new grant scheme should be made soon.