The initiative hopes to increase the inclusion of water as a climate change adaptation and to highlight water’s resilience and co-benefits. The initiative aims to offer transitional adaptation solutions, especially to communities and ecosystems that are the most vulnerable. E.g., water scarce countries.

Water is essential for human rights, social and cultural well-being, human health, the security of ecosystems, and food. All of these things are also critical to sustainable development. Billions of people worldwide are affected by the Global Water Crisis and this will only increase due to demand, availability and extreme weather events. This crisis needs greater international co-operation.

The initiative plans to interlink with the Water and Climate Coalition, the Adaptation Action Coalition, and the Marrakesh Partnership Climate Action Pathway Water. This initiative will also work towards the 2023 UN Conference on Water.

The initiative’s mission as three principal aims:

  1. Decrease water losses worldwide and improve water supply
  2. Propose and support implementing mutually agreed policy and methods for co-operative water-related adaptation action and its co-benefits
  3. Promote co-operation and interlinkages between water and climate action to achieve Agenda 2030 (SDG 6)

Means of implementation

  • Finance: Co-ordinated financial support to local, national and regional action
  • Technology
  • Capacity building (trainings, technology transfer, knowledge exchange, roundtables, and outreach activities)