Our partner, Olio have an amazing app that allows you to share the food you no longer want or need to prevent it from becoming food waste. The app is simple to use, see below our handy guide to help you navigate around the app:

Olio Food Sharing App Logo

Signing up

  1. Download the app from either Google Play or App Store
  2. Once the app has downloaded ‘Sign up’
  3. Make sure you agree to their Terms and Conditions
  4. You will then need to add your personal information, don’t worry they only ask for your name, your email address and a password!
  5. Click ‘Join Now’
  6. Next you need to set your location. Don’t worry as this in not shared
  7. Decide whether you would like Olio to send you notifications
  8. Congratulations you have signed up!

How to share

  1. First of all, you need to add your item, this can either be a food or household item. To do this take a picture of your item and upload it.
  2. Next set your pickup location
  3. Choose who you would like to share your item with, you can do this after you have received a request. Before you share your item, you can see a user’s star rating and verifications
  4. When you are happy to share, let the user know and set up a meeting to swap your item
  5. You have successfully stopped an item from becoming waste!

How to request an item

  1. Use the app to browse for items, you can also set the app to send you notifications about certain products
  2. Whilst browsing you can see where an item is, and you can also check out a user’s profile for verification and their star rating
  3. Once you have found an item you need you can request it with a friendly message
  4. Once your request has been accepted, make sure you meet at the agreed location
  5. You have successfully stopped an item from becoming waste!