On the 31st of August (2022), Ørsted, a Danish energy company, made their Hornsea 2 offshore wind project operational. The wind farm will produce enough energy to power over 1.3 million homes with its 165 turbines, making it the largest wind farm the world has ever seen. The company has predicted that their 13 fully operational wind farms, including Hornsea 2, will generate 6.2 GW of energy.

…making it the largest wind farm
the world has ever seen.

The wind farm sits off the coast of East Yorkshire and the energy company responsible have stated that a home can be supplied with power for a whole day from one turn of the blades.

Ørsted’s Head of Region UK, Duncan Clark has stated that “The UK is truly a world leader in offshore wind…” and that this wind farm “…is a tremendous milestone for the offshore wind industry…”.

Not only will this new wind farm produce clean energy, which will help to combat climate change, it will also provide new green jobs for thousands of people. This is an excellent opportunity for those looking to branch into sustainable work.

The energy company are now in the midst of plans to establish a new wind project, Hornsea 3, which is due to generate twice the amount of power as Hornsea 2. The project was accepted in 2020 and the company have planned to establish the new wind farm by beginning the installation of 231 wind turbines at its location.

The renewable energy generated through this project will help the UK Government to reach its target of generating 50GW of offshore wind energy by 2030.