One of the biggest ways for you to help combat climate change is to move your pension to somewhere much more sustainable. Within the UK, pensions are worth £3 trillion, with a lot of this money being invested into projects, such as fossil fuel projects, by the banks and businesses that handle our money.

Not all companies and banks that look after our pensions invest in unsustainable practices, however. Green pensions do exist and swapping to them can be 21x more effective at combatting climate change than combining not eating meat, giving up flying and swapping to a renewable energy supplier.

Swapping to a green pension means your money will be invested in sustainable projects, such as increasing renewable energy, conserving our biodiversity, combatting deforestation, and increasing green transport.

There are already a large number of pension providers that are offering a green pension for their customers. This is due to an increase in demand for more sustainable pension options and also due to their net zero targets.

If you are not sure whether your pension is green, call your provider and ask where they are investing your money. If you don’t like the answer, make the swap to a more sustainable provider.