Co-operative Bank, Britannia, and Platform mortgage holders, that are eligible, will have access to a green additional borrowing product. They will also have access to a new tool that has been powered by the Energy Saving Trust. This energy saving improvement tool will help the Co-op Bank’s customers to create an energy saving plan that will be personalised to them.

Existing customers will be able to use these new tools to lower their energy consumption in order to help them tackle climate change and lower their carbon footprint, to encourage them to be more sustainable.

The Co-op Bank’s green additional borrowing products are available with no fee. With either a two or five-year fixed term, at a 60% – 85% loan-to-value (LTV) with interest rates starting at 2.94%.

Customers must use this free-to-use tool to create a plan to prove they are committed to improving their homes. At least 50% of the loan must be spent on green and sustainable home improvements.

In order to help customers find ways to improve their homes, the improvement plan will contain a list of things they can do in order to lower their energy consumption. This list will also outline ways in which emissions can be cut and bills can be reduced.

Customers could also be improving their property’s energy performance certificate (EPC) rating, if they use the green additional borrowing products and energy saving improvement tool to increase the sustainability of their homes.