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Free tools for schools

The Going Green Foundation

Free tools for schools – educate your local children.

The Going Green Foundation aims to educate children and young people about climate change, the environment, biodiversity and sustainability through our bite sized, e-learning modules, specially designed for younger learners.

Going Green has one mission, to empower you to be a part of the solution to climate change and the environmental issues we all face.

The subject of climate change can be overwhelming, but it is essential that our future generations are aware of the environment around them and how human life can impact the planet. We approach difficult and complex topics in a way that leaves children feeling empowered and hopeful, by showing the route to a sustainable future.


Every organisation who signs up to the Going Green Academy, can nominate up to three schools in their area to receive our free training courses. Helping you to up-skill everyone in your team and the future generations, growing up around you. 

The Going Green Foundation is a benevolent  organisation that donates training and education to schools and education facilities. There is no financial element to the foundation. Our training courses will be rolled out to schools throughout 2023 and 2024, aiming to reach every UK school by 2025.

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