Going Green are Award Winners!

We are delighted to announce that Going Green is the winner of the North Cheshire Business Award’s 2023 Carbon Reduction Award.

Each year the North Cheshire Chamber of Commerce hosts the North Cheshire Business Awards to celebrate successful businesses within Cheshire. Held at the beautiful, De Vere Cranage Estate in Holmes Chapel, the North Cheshire Business Awards invited all their guests to a black tie ceremony to congratulate both their winners and nominees.

This year, Going Green was nominated.

Our host, Hugh Ferris, and several sponsors of the event announced the winners for each of the twelve categories, and as it reached our category the team sat hopeful. After a few long seconds of bated breath, we were all thrilled to hear Going Green being called out as the winners for the Carbon Reduction Award.

The sponsor of the Carbon Reduction award, Ralph Pettengell from wealth management company, Pettengell, announced that Going Green were awarded because:

‘The panel were impressed by [their] passion
for educating others’

This category was created to recognise individuals, businesses, and projects that made exceptional efforts in mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. When choosing their nominees and a winner, the Chamber looked for businesses that were looking for innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions.

At Going Green are we were so excited to hear that we were nominated and recognised for all the hard work and dedication. We are so proud of all of our achievements that have led to us winning the award.

Our Co-Founder, Cheryl Hughes said:

“Thank you so much to the North Cheshire Chamber for our Carbon Reduction Award! We’re in a unique position of being able to educate about sustainability and carbon reduction, whilst providing tangible products to help homes and businesses to bring their footprint down, and we’re so proud that’s been recognised.”

We would also like to hugely congratulate the other businesses in our category for their hard work towards carbon reduction that led them to their nomination. They have also shown that they are amazingly working towards mitigating against climate change and protecting our planet.

Going Green

Here at Going Green we work tirelessly to look for new ways to help individuals, businesses, and the public sector lower their greenhouse gas emissions, so you can reduce your carbon emissions and lower you carbon footprint.

As your trusted green partner our mission is to help you to navigate through your sustainability journey and successfully transition to Net Zero. To increase our chances of reaching a more sustainable and greener future for generations to come.

Going Green

Going Green can help guide you in a number of ways, through our in-depth guides, by keeping you up to date with the latest news, showing you success from others on the same journey as you with our inspiring case studies, or supplying you with an array of renewable energy products.

We also offer businesses the opportunity to sign up to our Going Green Academy. Our 15 minute courses are both engaging and informative, and can help a whole workforce to become more sustainable.

The main priority of all the services we provide is to help you become greener and more sustainable, so that every single one of us can commit to carbon reduction.

We are so grateful that the North Cheshire Chamber of Commerce acknowledged Going Green and our hard work and dedication and we are beyond thankful to have won the Carbon Reduction Award at the North Cheshire Business Awards.

If you would like more information on how Going Green can help you to increase your carbon reduction, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Phone: 0333 577 4421


Email: info@goinggreen.co.uk