Going Green Academy

sustainability : simplified

“Climate change is a huge challenge – but it can be brought into line if governments, businesses and individuals work together”

 Sir Richard Branson

Welcome to the Going Green Academy.

The UK’s green training subscription service, helping future proof your organisation.

By subscribing to the Going Green Academy your entire organisation will learn everything they need to know about climate change, such as how it will affect your organisation, the benefits of making sustainable choices, how to get to net zero and how to communicate your green credentials to your audience and stakeholders.

Each topic is broken down into I.S.A

We identify the ‘Issue’

We give you the ‘Solution’

We help you to take ‘Action’

You’ll begin with ‘The Foundations’ to get you and the team completely up to speed with the climate crisis, how we got here and what we can all do to help. The courses are designed to educate en masse; inspiring and empowering people to make a difference in as quick a time as possible.

Each week we will start to introduce concepts and topics to help your organisation and team reduce their impact on the planet in the workplace, at home and throughout their lives. Every course can be completed within 15 minutes and is broken into 3 bite-sized pieces.

We will meet with guest presenters, scientists, celebrities, and experts to introduce every area of environmentalism, climate and sustainability, but always in ways that are accessible and applicable to everyone. We know that in the digital age of Netflix and TikTok it can be difficult to capture everyone’s attention, so our fast-paced, inspiring videos keep learners engaged and immersed.

For those who would like to explore a particular topic, we can help you to build on this knowledge with our panel of consultants and further education options. We also have a variety of industry specific courses to help build insight into the sustainability issues in your field.

This isn’t a box ticking exercise, and this isn’t a heavy-duty e-learning experience that no one wants to complete. This is the modern way to educate everyone on your team, to help your organisation to thrive and shine on the route to net zero.

… and our education doesn’t stop there

When you subscribe to the Going Green Academy, we will supply a school of your choice with specially created e-learning modules,  completely free of charge through the Going Green Foundation. We believe that in educating children now, we can empower them to play a vital role in the preservation of the future

The Three V’s

Our holistic education pathway


For everyone

Engaging video based micro-learning, designed to maximise knowledge and influence workplace culture.
These courses cover every area of sustainability, climate change and the environment, and are designed for everyone in your organisation.


For the champions

In-depth courses created in partnership and designed by specialist educators for sustainable leaders.
Where our vital micro-learning courses allow all employees to see the big picture, the veteran courses will expand on each subject, giving the finer details and allowing you to delve deeper.



Bespoke one-to-one consultations with the perfect specialist for your business, designed for the change makers who see the horizon. 
Whether you want to create a tailored action plan, environmental strategy or commission research, we will match your organisation with the perfect visionary. 

Digital Credentials

As your staff and organisation move through the learning pathways you’ll be rewarded with Digital Badges to help communicate your credentials and ongoing sustainable development to your customers and stakeholders.

Need to get colleague buy in? Use our letter templates to explain the importance of sustainability education and how the Going Green Academy can help your organisation:

Letter to Colleagues | Letter to Management

Frequently asked questions about The Going Green Academy

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