COP27’s Gender Day saw several panels and events consisting of key female policy leaders, that have come together to discuss women’s roles within fighting climate change and the challenges they face, including gender equity and a woman’s right to access climate finance.

Around the world, there are large numbers of people being displaced due to climate change. Within this number 80% are women. In order to for our global leaders to fight the impacts of climate change they must make sure that women play an important role in the solutions, policies and actions.

80% of climate displaced people are women

In many parts of the world, women are the main caregivers, this means that they don’t have a direct access to the money they need to protect themselves and their families from the impacts of climate change. Throughout the events, speakers will discuss ways in which we can empower women and how they can help to increase the access these women have to climate finance.

Egyptian entrepreneur, Rawya Mansour, presented her model, that if successful will allow gender equity to be a byproduct of the action taken against climate change. For example, creating food security will make sure that female farmers get a wage, and this wage must be equal to the wage received by male farmers.

Women around the world are hoping that COP27 and the countries that are in attendance will begin to put policies and strategies in place to increase the importance of women within the impacts of climate change.