German supermarket, Lidl has been issued with a court ruling to remove and destroy its stock of chocolate bunnies. This came after the Swiss chocolate company, Lindt & Sprüngli, took Lidl to court due to the copying of its signature ‘Gold Bunny’.

The destruction of these bunnies will mean that tonnes of chocolate will be wasted and will more than likely become food waste. As a means to combat this, the court’s verdict included a statement suggesting that the chocolate should be melted down and reused to produce something else. Stopping it from being thrown away uneaten and preventing it from reaching landfill due to the ruling.

The court’s verdict suggested that the
chocolate should be melted down and reused.

There has been no statement yet from Lidl, on how they are going to remove their chocolate bunnies from their shelves and production lines. Ideally, they should consider recycling the chocolate to be used elsewhere to prevent it from becoming waste.

However, the reality will more than likely be that these chocolate bunnies will end up on landfill as food waste, which will then emit greenhouse gases as they decay, helping to increase global warming.